Writing Novels: Writers Work Wonders

We’re almost ready to publish our first novel. I must say, writing is hard. I certainly respected anyone who could write a book before, but now that I’ve done it myself, I bow down in supplication. Many writers I work with say that editing is hard; I find editing easy. It’s the writing that’s hard.

I will say that there are certain types of scenes I discovered were more fun than others. Action scenes were fun. I was filled with trepidation about writing my first sex scene, but once it was done, I was actually pretty happy with it. However, for authors of erotica, I take my hat off to you. How you manage to write several sex scenes and keep them fresh and exciting is a true talent. I mean, let’s face it. Sex is sex. It’s pretty much the same thing, just with minor differences. Being able to keep your readers engaged speaks volumes.

And while I don’t bat an eye at editing swear words, as I was writing, I found myself hoping my mother wouldn’t read what I’d written. I don’t use a lot of swear words in real life, but I did add a few here and there in the book where they seemed warranted. Do the rest of you worry about that? Maybe it’s a first novel type of thing.

Anyway, I want to tell all you writers out there that I understand what you have gone through to create your book. The long hours. The characters that seem to run away with a scene. The long nights trying to solve an obstacle that has stopped the story cold. You’re all awesome.

Shhh! Can’t Keep it a Secret!

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The fine print: Offer valid on books that are 85,000 words or less. Longer books will cost a bit more. Contact me for a quote. Books should be in good shape; don’t send a book that needs major work, because all this offer gives is line editing, not full content editing. Books with tight deadlines will have a rush fee added to the total. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other special.

Snow Talk

It’s mid-March, and they’ve been talking snow. Woke up this morning and they were announcing the Oregon coast is pretty much snowed in. This is a rare event. Not much fell here in the valley, but we’re surrounded by the white stuff if you drive out of town. The hills are covered. So how does this relate to writing?

Snow may be rare where you live, or you may get inundated with the stuff every winter. Either way, it transforms the landscape. Plants and cars become white lumps that could be hiding anything your mind can cook up. The lighting is different as it reflects off the snow, giving a clarity during the day that often isn’t there. At night, it seems to glow, making the world seen more magical. Or dangerous, depending on your perspective. It sparkles as light reflects off the surfaces of lots of tiny ice crystals.

Writing can get to be the same old grind. It can be a challenge to make it new again. When you need to boost it up a bit, think of the snow. How can you change the lighting on your writing to bring clarity? Can you make it sparkle and glint in the light? Maybe you need to hide some everyday things under a big blanket of imaginary snow to make them more mysterious. Partially reveal something instead of going all the way. Don’t be afraid to leave something for discovery later in the story.

Literary snow can change your world, even if it is only for a little while. Use it to change your style, to bring a different look to your story.