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Writing Sex Scenes

I edit a lot of sex scenes. What can I say? A lot of people I work with write romance and/or erotica. While I also get my share of fantasy, sci fi, thrillers, and so on, even they can have … Continue reading

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Learn to Write in Your Own Voice

Dickens, Twain, Rowling, King and Hemingway… fantastic writers all. We don’t need another writer like any of them, we need new voices, new characters and new stories. Writing like Shakespeare wouldn’t sell much today, and writing like Hemingway would only … Continue reading

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Indie or Not… Doesn’t Make the Book Good or Bad!

There are many rants that make us take sides on the issue of indie publishers and indie writers vs. the traditional publishing game. I’ve read many wonderful stories from both camps and some crap I couldn’t care less to see … Continue reading

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Every writer needs to learn to self-edit. This doesn’t mean you don’t need an editor, but it will help you get more for your editing dollar because your editor can focus on the big issues instead of the small ones. … Continue reading

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