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Now Add Proofreading to Your Editing Package

We’ve added a new proofreader to our staff… Callum Rakestraw! He is an accomplished writer (see his blog here) in his own right and an excellent proofreader. We are ecstatic to have him join the family business. While his writing … Continue reading

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Prepping Your Manuscript

Before you send your manuscript to an editor, an agent, or a publisher, there are a few things you should do to make it presentable. If you’re sending it to an agent or publisher, look at their website for submission … Continue reading

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Creativity… Can You Buy Some On eBay?

I had a great Hangout On Air for 10 minutes and 25 seconds… then, my internet died and the power didn’t want to behave. +David Amerland, +Susanne Ramharter and +R. Harlan Smith had great things to say… so, did I! … Continue reading

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Organization is the Key

You’ll hear a lot about writing by the seat of your pants, but the truth is, every writer needs some form of organization. Some people thrive with outlines, character sketches, and so on. Others don’t. But even if writing detailed … Continue reading

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Quotation Marks

Quotation marks are important. They let you know someone is speaking, and when you’re telling a story, this can be vital. I’ve seen some ‘experimental’ writing where they left out quotation marks altogether. It was confusing, to say the least. … Continue reading

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Yay! Your book is finished! You’ve got a beginning, a middle and an end… the next step is rushing it off to the editor, right?  Then you can get it published. Hold your horses. Your first draft is far from … Continue reading

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Confrontation… Ooooh it’s going to be one of those shows

Audio MP3 of This Episode, Length: 01:22:45, 78 MB Confrontation… Ooooh it’s going to be one of those shows, Hosted by John Rakestraw RSS: YouTube Channel: Saturday, February 9th, at 11:00 AM, West Coast Time, USA Having confrontation … Continue reading

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Need Editing? Now’s the Time…

2012 found me tied to my desk seven days a week, working hard on manuscripts. It was to the point that I severely cut back my formatting services because I had so much editing to do. Clients were having longer … Continue reading

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