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The Journey to Self-Publishing… Having a Great Product!

Google Self-Publishing used to mean that you went to a vanity press or print shop that specialized in printing books. You would get 1000 books printed up, take them home and start pushing your book around to your family, friends … Continue reading

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Round Table Discussion with Master Writers Talking about Marketing: The Call To Action

Google Have you ever wanted to sit at a table with writers and just listen to them talk amongst themselves? Well… I DID IT! Founder and host of RAKESTRAW BOOK DESIGN LIVE EVENTS… John Rakestraw. That’s right, I got five wonderful … Continue reading

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Conversations with author Ann Charles

Google Sharing the love of writing, reading and murder! I would like you to meet author… Ann Charles Your host John Rakestraw talks with author Ann Charles. Every bit of her paranormal mystery, Nearly Departed in Deadwood, gives you romance, … Continue reading

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The Inner Workings of Great Thinkers Lost to the Wonders of Technology!

I wrote this because of two posts I read on the internet; one stating that e-books were the wave of the future and in 5 years you won’t see a book anywhere. The other was about how archive libraries are … Continue reading

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To Be Engaged You Need To Engage…

All you wonderfully talented writers and readers out there: here is something we all can do to help each other out to grow our readership. It’s really simple and it only costs you time. You see an author talking about … Continue reading

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Content Marketing… The Creation and Sharing of Content!

I gathered my band of wonderful minds together, minus one. We talked… Content Marketing with +David Amerland, +Adam Boenig, +Simon Grew, +R. Harlan Smith, +Sergey Andrianov and Cowboy, aka +Simon Grew. We were missing +Susanne Ramharter… she should be back … Continue reading

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Creativity… In The Digital World

Google Creativity… In The Digital World I had another fantastic time with my band of wonderful minds here on Google+ in a Hangout On Air. Joining me was +Adam Boenig, +Sergey Andrianov, +R. Harlan Smith and Cowboy (aka +Simon Grew) … Continue reading

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The Spring Edit

Get those mops and brooms, it’s time for spring cleaning! It always feels so good when you rid the house of the remnants of winter. All those months with the house closed up created a haven for mold, mildew, and … Continue reading

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After the Edit

You’ve opened up the manuscript you got back from your editor and you may be amazed at how many changes have been made. If they’re using Word’s Tracking Changes, you’ll find your manuscript may be very colorful indeed. Now what? … Continue reading

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Creativity… Part Three

Published on Mar 10, 2013 My three part series on creativity… This week I had the pleasure of having a conversation with R. Harlen Smith, his Amazon profile: and Cowboy, aka Simon Grew, of Here is a little … Continue reading

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