Now Add Proofreading to Your Editing Package

We’ve added a new proofreader to our staff… Callum Rakestraw! He is an accomplished writer (see his blog here) in his own right and an excellent proofreader. We are ecstatic to have him join the family business.

While his writing expertise is in the video game genre, his proofreading skills are fabulous across the board. He has been working on his writing and proofing abilities for several years now.

Due to his availability, we are now offering an editing and proofreading package (scroll down for our combo deals). For a discounted rate, proofreading can be added to any editing project. I encourage everyone to consider adding this service when you engage us to work on your book. While I work with you to catch as many errors as possible, it never hurts to have a fresh pair of eyes go over the book.

“In APE’s case, upward of seventy-five people reviewed the manuscript, and Shawn and I read it until we were sick of it. Take a wild guess at how many errors our copyeditor found. The answer is 1,500. You read that right: one thousand five hundred, and you may still find some, because we went right to publishing after copyediting, even though traditional publishers proofread a book twice after copyediting.”

page 80

APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur

by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch

Thanks to Guy Kawasaki for this pertinent quote from his new book. It’s true. You can never have enough people go through your book. If you have friends you trust, have them read your manuscript before you send it to us. Not only does that help you improve your final draft, it allows us to focus on the real editing issues and not get bogged down with simple mistakes.

Callum’s writing credentials include articles published on,,, and He hopes to return to E3 this June to check out the new gaming consoles and games for more articles.

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