Author Services

Whether you’re submitting your manuscript to agents and publishers or you are self-publishing on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and other online bookstores, it is vitally important to put out the best book that you can.

Have you ever found yourself reading a great story, and been put off by errors in the copy? Misspelled or missing words, grammatical errors, misused terms …  the list goes on. It can really affect your readership. And if you’re sending your book to agents or publishers, errors like these can mean a direct trip to the round file. With all the competition in traditional publishing, you don’t want to give them another excuse to drop your book.

When you’re self-publishing, these issues are even more important, as the entire work reflects completely on you. Make sure your book is as professional as possible before you send it out into the world.

Editorial Services

We offer many editorial services to suit your needs. From simple proofreading to substantive editing, we’re happy to do our best to tighten and polish your words.

  • Proofreading
  • Light (Baseline) Editing
  • Medium (Line) Editing
  • Heavy (Substantive) Editing