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Read Local…

It’s a great way to encourage reading by connecting readers with authors from their communities. Fostering a relationship, or readership, between writers and readers allows brilliant things to happen. First and most importantly, it will encourage more people to read … Continue reading

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Jan-Feb Issue of Self-Publisher’s Monthly

It’s that time again! Don’t forget to go to your favorite ebook outlet and pick up this month’s copy of Self-Publisher’s Monthly. This month is full of all sorts of great information writers can use, all for the low, low … Continue reading

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The Journey to Self-Publishing… Having a Great Product!

Google Self-Publishing used to mean that you went to a vanity press or print shop that specialized in printing books. You would get 1000 books printed up, take them home and start pushing your book around to your family, friends … Continue reading

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Creativity… Can You Buy Some On eBay?

I had a great Hangout On Air for 10 minutes and 25 seconds… then, my internet died and the power didn’t want to behave. +David Amerland, +Susanne Ramharter and +R. Harlan Smith had great things to say… so, did I! … Continue reading

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Indie or Not… Doesn’t Make the Book Good or Bad!

There are many rants that make us take sides on the issue of indie publishers and indie writers vs. the traditional publishing game. I’ve read many wonderful stories from both camps and some crap I couldn’t care less to see … Continue reading

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