Our Interview at Edin Road

We did an interview on BlogTalk Radio today. For once, the shoe was on the other foot for John. He got to answer questions instead of ask them. He brought me on and I answered some editing questions… check it out for yourself. :) We covered all sorts of topics, from how to develop a book idea to selecting an editor to choosing cover art.

Jess at Edin Road was a fun host, and I hope we’ll get to know her better. Maybe I’ll get better at being interviewed, too. :)


The Other Side of the Glass… Being Interviewed

Joey Kelley, author extraordinaire, interviewed me! I’m used to interviewing others, not being the one in the hotspot. She did a fabulous job, and I hope I performed as well. You can read her fabulous interview on either of her sites: One Hundred Romances Project or on her personal blog, JM Kelley Writes. Thank you, Joey, for all the fun!

Check it out!