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As a newly signed author for Limitless Publishing, I can say that my road to being signed wasn’t an easy one.  What I found easy was writing—creating and reading. What I found hard and sometimes frustrating was editing! I’ve referred to editing as my new four letter word—originally not in the good sense of a four letter word either.

Once Limitless set me up with Toni, and I was given the opportunity to see how a true professional works with an author, my thoughts and opinions on editing have changed drastically.

It’s like she’s in my head—she has an uncanny ability to edit my writing the way I would have written it originally—that is if my grammar and punctuation weren’t horrendous. I always feared and loathed doing edits because I found them to be a pain in the butt. But, with Toni—she is concise, thorough, and bang on. She makes it easy for me.

Her services have made it so I look forward to the edited pages she sends. She is professional, accurate and most of all, she tightens up my work so the flow is amazing. She is awesome!

Hally Willmott, author of Awakenings


A tweet: To me, formatting my book’s like math. Which is why I hire the amazing @ToniRakestraw to do it for me. #sheisawesome

Rachel Thompson, author of A Walk in the Snark, and The Mancode: Exposed, co-author of Dollars & Sense: The Definitive Guide to Self-publishing Success

Need proof that editorial help on your manuscript is a good thing? The lovely Toni Rakestraw of Rakestraw Book Design caught quite the glitch in my time line for a particular plot point in my manuscript. Without her help, I’d be querying with a big problem in my storyline. Need assistance with your own work? Give ’em a look-see!

J. M. Kelley, author of Daddy’s Girl


Toni went above and beyond. She answered any and all questions I had. She was very professional, prompt and communicated with me very often. It was an absolute pleasure having her as an editor. I am looking forward to working with her again.

Shauna Jackson, author of In a Matter of Days


“Toni is a brilliant editor. She works hard to get to know and appreciate your writing style before suggesting any changes. Therefore, all changes serve to enhance your unique voice. I highly recommend having her as part of your writing team!”

Liz Borino, author of Expectations and What Money Can’t Buy

I had to learn my lesson the hard way. YOU do not. I had a book that I wanted to publish. I chose not to go through traditional publishing routes (that’s soooo turn of the last century!). I had lots of friends, family, retired English teachers, and others with big fat degrees look over my project and edit for me. The book was published and it was all sunshine and puppy dogs.

Except, I noticed a mistake, then another. Then a person who ordered my book let me know about another. Get the idea?

Now my book was “out there” and it wasn’t perfect. FML!

Toni was willing to work with me to make the editing process as painless as possible. She honestly has. I couldn’t be more pleased with what she has done for me and my book. I am absolutely using her on my future projects. I’ve been recommending her to anyone who asks, and I hope if you were vacillating about a decision that I have helped you make it. No need to thank me!

Kelli Stapleton, author of From Woman to Mother



As a first time writer of YA fiction, I was insecure about my work and therefore reluctant to tackle the publishing industry.  Finding you was a godsend.   With a sharp eye for editing and helpful suggestions, you have given me more than a polished ms; I now have the confidence to seek out an agent.

Thank you for being so professional yet personable.  You went beyond the corrections and took the time to read, and in doing so, found the heart of the story.  Your final comments were inspirational.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again and wish you great success as a freelance editor.

K.L. Householder, author of Magestic Dreams

Working with Toni to edit my first book, Highland Shift was a breeze! She quickly grasped the characters and environment and her comments were insightful. She worked quickly to help me meet multiple deadlines and I would be pleased to work with her again. If you need an editor that is efficient, accurate, and supportive of your work, then I suggest you run, not walk to Toni Rakestraw!

L. Harner, author of Highland Shift

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  1. Thank you Toni for helping me with my first novel. I was so nervous and didn’t know the first thing about obtaining an editor. I took a chance and it was the best chance of my life. You were so honest and upfront and would respond quickly to all my emails. My book has sold over 200 copies and just went online with great responses. I have eight more books coming and Toni Rakestraw will be the only editor I use! Thank you Toni for all the future opportunities you have paved for me.

    D. Harris, author of A Life Without Serenity

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