Creativity… Can You Buy Some On eBay?

I had a great Hangout On Air for 10 minutes and 25 seconds… then, my internet died and the power didn’t want to behave.

+David Amerland, +Susanne Ramharter and +R. Harlan Smith had great things to say… so, did I!

Sorry to +Adam Boenig and +Bitte Rozalia for losing power and internet before they got their chance to talk creattivity.

I will be back next week with part two of creativity.

Creating that creativity is a creative storm of energy… join us as we build a storm shelter full of creative ideas and the hundred monkey.


John and Toni Rakestraw are the owners of Rakestraw Book Design. Toni is the editor; she keeps all those words in line. John is the voice of the company. He can often be found hosting Google+ Hangouts on writing and issues writers face online. Archives for his shows can be found on YouTube.

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