Irregardless is Redundant

It’s true. While many people use the word “irregardless” when they speak and you can actually find this word in many dictionaries now, it is not a proper word, or as the dictionaries say, it is nonstandard. Most of our dictionaries today are descriptive rather than prescriptive; they reflect words in common usage rather than suggest what usage should be.

Let’s take a look at the word.


It is often mistakenly used instead of the word “regardless.” Regardless already means “without regard.” So, adding the suffix -less turns the word regard into a negative. Adding the prefix ir- makes it a double negative. This makes irregardless mean “without without regard.”

I seriously doubt most people who say irregardless mean without without regard. So does that mean they do have regard for the topic at hand? 😉

So, if someone says the word irregardless to you, you can ask them to clarify their stance, as they are being redundant.

They were looking forward to attending the game, regardless of the outcome.

Doesn’t that sound better?

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