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Rewriting Your Life…

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Rewriting Your Life… That’s How a Certified Life Coach Helps

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You are your own Genie

I’m John Rakestraw

Life Designing opens you so you can move forward and reach your goals and dreams.

One of my favorite Disney movies is Aladdin. At one point in the story, Aladdin rubs the lamp and out comes a Genie!

The Genie asks, “What is your command?”

Wouldn’t it be great if that’s what I could do for you… be your Genie?

I will even do better than that Genie. I will give you not just three wishes, I will give you unlimited wishes. I will hand you a catalogue of all your wishes and all you have to do is pick from it.

Sounds amazing?

Here is a beautiful gift that I’m going to give to you for free…

You are your own Genie!

Remember, the Genie in Aladdin stated, “All the cosmic powers of the universe, in an itty bitty living space!” That’s us.

We have the power of the universe in our hands… all the cosmic powers, all rolled up in a nice neat package called us!

If we can dare to dream it, we can make it happen.

So, in a nutshell…

1. To help facilitate your innermost connection to those cosmic powers.

2. To take you through a beautiful quest of self-discovery that awakens your awareness to your innermost values, talents, and life purpose.

3. To gift you with that sacred space you can be at home with–who, what, and where you are, right now.

4. I will empower you to be responsible, without judgment, for the things you promised yourself to accomplish.

5. To rejoice with you when your actions and decisions align with your values, your natural talents, your life purpose, and your aspirations.

When we are done you are… “All the cosmic powers of the universe, in an itty bitty living space!”

You are your own Genie.

Now, get a full hour of phone consultation,
that’s one-on-one time with
your Life Coach John Rakestraw, CLC

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Plus there’s more for FREE…

If you are a writer I can have you talk with my wife one-on-one about your writing with the Unbridled Editor, Toni Rakestraw, and your writing Life Coach John Rakestraw, CLC

I’m including, for FREE, 4 interviews with a friend of mine, writer and SEO expert, David Amerland. He gives you FREE advice about how to best set yourself up for better placement on the search engines. That’s 4+ hours’ worth of training and consulting… for just $97 NOW! $69.  But you have to sign up NOW.

I will record our consultation as an mp3 sound file and send it to you by email. That way you will have access to our talk anytime you feel the need. Another FREE Bonus!

  • I have videos for you to watch.
  • FREE Twitter daily eNewspaper and get audio interviews with writers who talk the craft of writing, SEO help, writer tips and entertainment. 2013 looks to be shaping up to be very informative.
  • On-going conversation in Hangouts On Air all year long.
All this for the great low price of $97 NOW! $69. Think of it as an investment in your future.

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