Meet the Staff

Rakestraw Book Design is a family business.


Toni Rakestraw

Toni is the editor. She started her editing career early in life by correcting class handouts and giving them back to the teacher. Since then she has worked for several small publishers as well as freelancing. She’s worked on over 80 novels and non-fiction books over the years. Some of the authors she’s worked with include bestsellers Rachel Thompson, Jason McIntyre, and Jennifer O’Neill. She has authored several short stories and co-authored a novel, Titanic Deception, with her husband, John.


John Rakestraw

John is the face of the company. He does Google Hangouts on Air, discussing topics that affect writers like creativity, building an online presence, SEO for the author’s website, and more. He is usually joined by a number of authors and experts from all over the world for his discussions.


Morwenna Rakestraw

Morwenna is the artist. She can lay out a book cover you can be proud of. She does front covers only for ebooks or full covers for print. She uses Photoshop for her designs and can meet the criteria for many different publishing avenues.


Callum Rakestraw

Callum is an excellent proofreader. He is thorough and devoted to detail. When he goes through your book, you can rest assured any typos that may have slipped through will be caught on that final pass. In his off time, Callum writes game reviews for

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