Editorial Services

Editorial services include proofreading and editing, which will make your book the best it can be. Copy editing improves your readability and flow, as well as cleaning up those pesky grammatical and typographical errors that pop up during the writing process. Proofreading is perfect for the very last step before you submit your manuscript to a publisher.

Our Editorial Services

Choose From These Editorial Services

Proofreading Only

Proofreading checks your manuscript for typos, spelling, capitalization, italics, appearance, duplication, missing content, and other last minute alterations. This is not editing and does not replace the need for editing.
Multiply your total word count by 0.007 for the total price.

Example: 75,000 words multiplied by 0.007       75,000 x 0.007 = $525.00

Copy Editing

Copy editing is about writing craft. It deals with things like sentence flow, paragraph structure, choice of words, and any techniques related to language. It includes readability, style, and voice.
Multiply your total word count by 0.01 for the total price.

Example: 75,000 words multiplied by 0.01
75,000 x 0.009 = $750.

Combo Package: Editing + Proofreading

All of the above in one package. Copy editing and proofreading of the final result.
Multiply your total word count by 0.015 for the total price. This saves you .0055 cents per word.

Example: 75,000 words multiplied by 0.015
75,000 x 0.015 = $1,125.

Saves you $150 on the above example project.

In a Rush?

Need your material edited yesterday? I’ll put a rush on it for $250 extra. For rush jobs that must be completed in two weeks or less, full payment is required upfront. No discounts on rush jobs. Rush jobs are not always possible, depending on my work load.

Contact me with the details of your project and we can discuss your options.

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