Branding & Social Media Networking in this New Era of Multi-Screens

I had a great Hangout On Air with Rachel Thompson and we talked…

Branding & Social Media Networking

Watch the Bad Redhead herself Rachel Thompson, published author and social media consultant talks the business and craft of using social marketing.

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My merry band of minds brought a lot to the table today… R. Harlan Smith asked about blogs and their use. Joseph Giacalone talk business plans. Jim Ault, Susanne Ramharter and Sergey Andrianov brought their wonderful thoughts about these beasties (social media) to the group.

Finding your voice and bring it forward is the challenge.

Making Social Media Work Best For You…

We need to center ourselves on the idea of solving people’s problems , worries and fears in a way that makes you that source they look for and can’t live without. We must be the cure for their pains and have that remedy that moves them towards a call to action. When we listen to our readership, followers and circles… we truly need to hear their concerns and build our social design around the core social media channels that they flow with.

John and Toni Rakestraw are the owners of Rakestraw Book Design. Toni is the editor; she keeps all those words in line. John is the voice of the company. He can often be found hosting Google+ Hangouts on writing and issues writers face online. Archives for his shows can be found on YouTube.

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