Off to the Fair

editingToday my dear hubby and I will be at the Lane County Fair from 11 to 5 PST with a bunch of other authors signing books (if you’re in the neighborhood, drop by and get a copy of Titanic Deception), and you can bet they all know the worth of a good edit!

While I’ll miss being away from my desk today, I know it will be here when I get back. And yes, I’m taking some hard copy to edit during the slow times to keep me busy. What?

Getting to the Point: Editing

Anyway, my point is that editing is important to every book. Whether you’re promoting it at the fair, on Amazon, or in your local bookstore, your readers expect it to be the best it can be in every way. They’re the ones plunking down their hard-earned  cash for it. How do you feel when you buy a book and it’s full of misspelled words, incorrectly used words, or the story falls flat because there’s a big fat plot hole you could drive a truck through? Exactly. So don’t give that to your readers! You know it drives you nuts. And even if it doesn’t… even if you’re one of those rare, mythical readers we all fantasize about that loves everything they read, there’s a lot of readers who don’t have any qualms about ripping an author to shreds over every editorial mistake. Don’t believe me? I randomly picked books on Amazon by searching genres and looked at one star reviews. Check out these quotes:

This book was awful. First there was the multitude of grammatical errors and misspelled words which makes me wonder if there was even an editing process at all for the book.

Unbelievable: illiterate, gruesomely unrealistic, with inconsistencies on every page – how could this piece of work ever have been published? Was it even read by an editor?

Interesting enough story but the typographical and grammar mistakes were too numerous to enjoy the story.

As you can see, readers aren’t shy about expressing their feelings. Don’t let this be said of your story.

(We’ll also be at the fair on Friday, July 26 from 3-9 and on Saturday, July 27 from 5-9. If you need to get in touch with me, please use the contact form here on the site and I’ll be checking emails again as soon as I get home.)