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Here is our NaNoWriMo package for FREE to help with the fantastic craft of writing…

Writers get your pen, pencil, and fingers ready for a month of writing. NaNoWriMo is coming soon… November 1st! I talk the craft of writing with the Masters themselves… the Writers! Over 50+ Videos and and many talented writers have … Continue reading

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What was the moment(s) before we meet them?

As you set out to develop a character within a your story, there are a 1001 things you must do to give life to this new being. I feel one of the greatest discoveries is the “moment before”… this is … Continue reading

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Outlining your book… It could make all the difference!

+Patti Larsen has a way of making you feel at home when she talks. Join me and my merry band of wonderful minds as we tackling the craft of writing a book. it can feel like an overwhelming prospect, where … Continue reading

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Semantic Web… Who is Following Who?

I had another fantastic time with my merry band of wonderful minds… David Amerland, Bitte Rozalia, Susanne Ramharter, Cowboy aka Simon Grew, R. Harlan Smith, Adam Boenig and Omar Bilal. We talked how Semantic Web and Search could change the … Continue reading

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They’re Not Letting Me Play with Their Toys Over There!

Streamed live on Nov 27, 2012 Ah. The they’re, their and there quandry. I used them all in the title of this post in their proper sense. Let’s take a look at each one, shall we? They’re This is a … Continue reading

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