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Jan-Feb Issue of Self-Publisher’s Monthly

It’s that time again! Don’t forget to go to your favorite ebook outlet and pick up this month’s copy of Self-Publisher’s Monthly. This month is full of all sorts of great information writers can use, all for the low, low … Continue reading

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Nov-Dec Issue Self-Publisher’s Monthly!

The new issue of Self-Publisher’s Monthly is out! Why am I excited? Well, not only am I a contributing editor to this fine publication, but every month, you are treated to a plethora (yes, I said plethora!) of fine articles … Continue reading

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The Journey to Self-Publishing… Having a Great Product!

Google Self-Publishing used to mean that you went to a vanity press or print shop that specialized in printing books. You would get 1000 books printed up, take them home and start pushing your book around to your family, friends … Continue reading

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How Do We Survive Book Snobs?

by John Rakestraw I saw this headline on the internet today… How do we preserve quality literature with freedom of self publishing? Do these people really believe that Patterson, King, Hoag and the like are literature worth preserving? Let face … Continue reading

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Are You a Professional Author?

Are you a professional author? Are you self-published? Are you a professional if you self-publish? Some people seem to think that if you self-publish, you are not a professional. I beg to differ. With the big publishing houses taking fewer … Continue reading

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