Which Witch?

One error that really bothers me, and I see it in emails all the time, is which and witch. Again, this one should be obvious, right? You wouldn’t say, “Witch one do you want?” Yet, people do. This is one of those errors that makes me want to slam my head into my desk.


Witch, witchcraft, witches at Halloween, witches in books…. this is nothing more nor less than a name for a type of person. Whether they are modern witches who practice paganism or witches of yore in stories, this word describes a particular type of person. With the popularity of Harry Potter, you’d think that this meaning would be even clearer.

Hermione was the brightest witch of her age.


Which is a word that offers us a choice. Which one do you want? This is the correct usage. Which lets us know what our options are.

Which sandwich do you prefer; chicken or beef?

Please, please, please don’t use witch when you should use which.