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Here is our NaNoWriMo package for FREE to help with the fantastic craft of writing…

Writers get your pen, pencil, and fingers ready for a month of writing. NaNoWriMo is coming soon… November 1st! I talk the craft of writing with the Masters themselves… the Writers! Over 50+ Videos and and many talented writers have … Continue reading

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What was the moment(s) before we meet them?

As you set out to develop a character within a your story, there are a 1001 things you must do to give life to this new being. I feel one of the greatest discoveries is the “moment before”… this is … Continue reading

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What are we fighting for, what’s the conflict

John Rakestraw, The Story Spinner. For the characters in our writing… they must rise to the challenge to reach the end (the grand goal). For our readership, it’s living each emotion, running right along with the characters, facing their fears … Continue reading

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