The Spring Edit

Get those mops and brooms, it’s time for spring cleaning! It always feels so good when you rid the house of the remnants of winter. All those months with the house closed up created a haven for mold, mildew, and stuffy air. Most of us start thinking about ways to make ourselves look a bit better as well in preparation for summer.

You could say the same goes for your manuscript. Freshen it up with a nice spring edit! Get rid of that clutter of commas, thats, and justs. Streamline those sentences until they look good in a bathing suit. A freshly edited manuscript just feels good! A good editor is kind of like a good housekeeper. She picks up after you, puts everything in its proper place, and makes everything shine.

Now’s the time to get in the queue. At times like this when my queue is short, turn around is usually four to six weeks. (This may change depending on the amount of work needed on your book.) Later in the year when it gets fuller, turn around slows down. Just like a good cleaning, a good edit takes some time, so be sure you add enough time for a good edit before you publish or start making the rounds with your story.

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