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The first BIG book I read was Uncle Tom’s Cabin. I had read comic books, short stories… but this was my first venture into the REAL book section in the library. My world was about to change. I had such vivid movies come to life in my head. People and places formed out of thin air. They became so real to me, as if they were my friends and family. I got to the end of the story and tears came to my eyes… not because how this wonderful story ended, it ended beautifully. I was sad that it was over. I would never see or hear any more about these new friends. I went back to the library, asking if there was more to this story. Was this all there was? The lady at the desk sadly looked me in the eyes and said… “No, that is all there is for that story.” She then got up and walked around that desk and turned me around, so that I could see the rest of the library. She stood behind me and said these magical words, “Right now, on all those shelves, are more worlds, friends and family, just waiting for YOU. They have been sitting there in anticipation… knowing one day you would come looking for them. Go, a lifetime awaits you.” That was when I was transcended.

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