Your or You’re

I see this all the time. What’s more, I get it from my MS Word spell checker that invariably tells me I need to use the other one. It’s wrong! How they can program it wrong in Word is beyond me. Yet, when I’m writing an article and I say something like “get your pan…” it wants me to change it to you’re. Sigh. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder why these things happen except to exasperate me and others like me who appreciate a good piece of writing.


Your is a possessive adjective. You use it when you want to say something belongs to someone.

Pick up your toys.

This implies that the toys belong to the person with which you are speaking.


You’re is a contraction of the words ‘you are.’ You only use this when you want to put those two words together.

You’re the love of my life.

You are the love of my life.

Get it? If you can’t replace you’re with you are, it is incorrect.

Keep this in mind, and your writing will improve by leaps and bounds. People will take you and your opinions more seriously if your writing is of good quality without these kinds of mistakes.

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